13 Best travel tips for the summers!

Summers are here! Kids and teenagers are looking forward for their holidays and many of us have already stated thinking about vacations. In India, tours and trips are at the peak in this season. To make your vacations one of the coolest and happening trip here are few tips that you should take into consideration for your summer travel…

  • As per your choice , choose the right destination – whether you are going out for trekking or other adventures activity, hitting on the beach or planning to visit the cool summer destinations.

Choose the destination


  • Plan it well before as in summers prices go high so save for your trips beforehand.

plan well before


  • Though the prices are high you can always bargain for something extra, may be discount on hotel booking or look out for offers like 10% cash back on credit card booking.



  • Understand the seasonal trends of the destination you are travelling and plan the things accordingly. Find out hotter destinations, low fair prices, and good deals for your family or friends. By the way there are some resorts which plan activities for you considering summer season. Hunt for them.

travel offers


  • If you have decided to travel those long miles by your vehicle avoid heavy meals especially if you are driving in the afternoons. You don’t want to feel sleepy while driving, put on some great music which will kick off the sleep.



  • Check the air pressure in tyres as in summers there are more chances of flat tyre. The best way is to start early before the temperature takes over you and your car.

flat tire


  • Place the lotions or creams in cooler areas or else carry then in plastic bags as there these liquefy more in summers and you don’t want it to mess with your clothes or other things in your bag.



  • Carry deodorants, extra pair of clothes to avoid discomfort from the sweating, better to use light colored fabric.

Summer dress code


  • Keep the electrolyte sachets or energy drinks with you as a “power back up” for your body and to overcome Sun stroke.

Energy drink


  • Do not forget to apply sunscreen lotions. It takes a lot of efforts to get rid of that tanned skin later on!


  • Drink plenty of water, juices and eat lots of fruits to prevent dehydration of your body.

Fruits n Juices


  • Always carry wet tissues to cleanse your face and hands for that refreshing moment.

Wet wipes


  • In case you travelling with Kids, take special care of them and don’t forget to carry their favorite games to keep them occupied. 

    kid games

By the way, let it be any season; before you move out for your vacations, inform your neighbors to keep eye on your house, the piles of milk bags or newspapers can alarm to thieves- so tell about no requirements of these items to respective person well before.

So people get out- enjoy the Summers and don’t forget to share where you went in this summer!!

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  1. Nice !!!Points well noted.:)

  2. As always … nice iartfmnoive – make me want to go to Khajuraho n visit all those temples … so the left one is Dhuladeo temple and right one is Chaturbhuj temple … hope i am right !!

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