5 best places you must know before you travel to Goa

Goa is colorful, vibrant and rich in its culture; famous for shopping and loveliest beaches. The food here is super delicious and filled with spices and coconut.  People here are generous and welcome you wide open.  I believe every travel lover has either been to this place or dream of being at this place at least once in a lifetime!

Even my love for this place has grown over the years where I actually dream of having my second home in Goa; where the sky blue water touches the white sand porch of my beautiful  wooden made house which is surrounded by lash green coconut and palm trees, and of course not to miss- one hammock to swing in the happy mode with the breeze, the place where the day stars with bright sunlight and ends with the music , wine , a good book and silent gossips with the waves. Oh God, somebody stop me from falling in love with this place over and again.

Okay, I need to take control over my feelings and tell you the best 5 places that you should know before you travel to Goa.  Let it be a two day trip or a week or for a month you must visit these places for sure.

Curly beach (also known as curlies beach): Oh, don’t try to find a beach with this name, it’s a shack situated at the very small place near Anjuna beach. The best thing about this place is you always feel that you are the part of awesome party where you do not know anyone and yet all are connected by the mood of the place. All you need to do it simply relax on one of those beach chairs looking at the twinkling stars in the sky who talk to you in a million ways. Full moon is the best time to visit this place. The food is just good as the place, the music is soothing and no one disturbs you a bit here.


Flea market: You will find two types of Flea markets, one that happens on Wednesday at Anjuna beach while other takes place on every Saturday evening at Arpora.  Both Bazaars have their own specialty. Wednesday flea market is basically has evolved out of western Hippies selling their articles like guitar, jewelry, clothes and art. Along with this you also find different types of spices, tea, coffee, handmade things, souvenirs and much more. The Saturday market on the other hand is more of stalls from India exhibiting various artifacts and garments including Kashmiri shawls, silver jewelry and market also showcase other articles that of international bands.  This one is big compared to Wednesday market accompanied with many food stalls, music concerts and bands which make your Saturday evening one of the most memorable evenings.

Anjuna Market

 Souza Lobo hotel: This is one of the best restaurants in Goa, located at the Calangute beach.  It is a multi – cuisine restaurant that offers authentic Goan food to Asian western food recipes. The dining experience is made more enjoyable with the live music band entertaining you to the core. However why i would suggest this place is due to its outdoor sitting arrangement from where you enjoy the beautiful view of sea just few meters head. The perfect place to have a candle light dinner!


Newton’s supermarket: Now you might think why I have included supermarket in this list. But guys trust me you will love this place. You will find everything in this huge supermarket, right from Ayurvedic products to international products. Whether you are looking for particular sun screen lotion or simply the Aloe Vera gel or branded products all you will find under one roof. You will find the finest and exotic varieties of wine and champagnes at this place. Many people choose to stay at Goa for days and months and for such people knowing this place is totally must.  By the way this market is located at Candolim, Goa.

newtons shop

Lastly, I would like you to definitely visit Arambol beach.  It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa with very less commercial activities.  The specialty of this beach is  the ” smaller beach” with fresh water lake close to the sea. It’s kind of hot spring where fresh water mixes with sea water. The Shacks here are present only at the beginning of the approach way to the beach, making this beach one of the relaxation spot away from the crowd where you can merrily enjoy the ambiance of the Goa.

Arambol beach

I have tried to bring to you the best place to eat, shop and relax. Do visit it and let me know how do you find it? If you have already visited these places then do not forget to share your experiences or comments with me.

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  1. This is very helpful information about GOA.

    Thanks Pritam for sharing this.

  2. Good article. Will refer it during my next trip to Goa 🙂

  3. Fantastico ! Nice and informatice article. Arambol beach I really wish to experience. Great job Pritam 🙂

  4. Wow….that sounds like a complete package for trip to Goa…from calm & relaxing beaches to local market, ending with a perfect & authentic Goan dinner.
    Please let us know if all of these spots are closer to visit in one short trip and how can we travel to all these 5 places in a day or two. Also if you can suggest some good places to stay in Goa, would be great !
    Thanks for sharing the article…loved it as always !..:)

    • Pritam

      March 26, 2015 at 12:20 pm

      Hello Shweta, yes these can be covered in short trip easily covered in two days! there are plenty of budget hotels to 5 star hotels .. i would suggest citrus, cavala, bougainvillea .. most of them are located at the Baga and Calangute beach..

  5. Sharing the post at the right time Pritam…..Will be going to Goa very soon so this will be really helpful for me….


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