When it comes to the tourist places to visit in summers; I feel India is blessed with some of the great exotic summer destinations that will beat up the heat of any summer.  I have listed out 7 best summer destinations in India to quench your thirst for summer travel.


Himachal Pradesh, no doubt has to stand amongst number one summer destination in India. The list of places to visit is long and every place is equally beautiful and charming than other. Some of the famous places include Dharmashala, Dalhousie, Shimla, Kullu and lovely town Khajjiar.  I would call this state as a state of adventures activities.  You can enjoy rafting, trekking, forest campaigning, paragliding, ice skating, boating, horse riding, and hot balloon ride at this place.  Good place for shopping; famous for heritage handicrafts.


Darjeeling is one of the cozy summer destinations from West Bengal and is hugely famous for its tea plantation. The best way to reach this place is by Toy train however make sure you have taken out complete information about timings.  The white Mount Himalaya stands at the backdrop of this green emerald town snugged into beautiful scenic views from every angle. Just be in harmony with nature, visit Buddhist monasteries and enjoy the scenery from the cable cars.


Goa is all about beaches, white sand and sport activities. Simply rent a bike and travel thru the coconut trees.  The other way is to just relax on hammocks or shacks with your favorite drink, and a good book. Nightlife is great in Goa, so party lovers or late night birds can have their time of life in Goa. Those who want to simply relax and carve for an evening walk on beach, so for them I would suggest to head towards South Goa for a place away from crowd and no commercialization and experience the real old Goa lifestyle.


Kodaikanal from the state of Tamilnadu is one of the preferred destinations for people who want to get wrapped in the long stretches of green forests, waterfalls in view and mystifying clouds around.  This place is romantic and perfect for nature lovers too. The famous point of attraction is the Kodai Lake situated centrally at this hill station.


Cherrapunji is the wettest land of the earth located in the state of Meghalaya and must visit destination if you looking for an offbeat destination in this summer.  This place is full of dense woods which include various types of mosses, ferns and orchids. It is also hugely famous for its magnificent views of water falls. This destination I would say is a complete change to the taste in comparison with routine destinations and not to forget- this place is great option for budget travelers.


Coorg from the state of Karnataka is another great option for the summer travelers. This place is rich in culture and you will come across many colorful temples all over it. The famous attractions include Abby falls, view of Kaveri river and Tibetan Buddhist Golden Temple and monastery. Also, not to miss this place is for coffee lovers. Enjoy your coffee in amidst greenery of the Coorg.


Munnar from Kerala is no behind in charming the tourists with its green carpets of tea and spice plantation. The joyride beings with curves and turns all the way up to the Munnar! If the weather is happy then you will be surrounded by clouds which make you sing a song “cloud number nine”.   Famous tourist attractions include elephant arrival point, echo point and the Top station which is the highest point of western Ghat range.  A Place for tea and south Indian food lovers!

(P.S.: All image credits to Internet)