7 Best tips for your monsoon travel

Monsoon is one of the most awaited seasons for many of us; while few of us are redundant about stepping out of their comfort zone and make travel plans!  There are many good reasons why one should travel in monsoon and you will be surprised to read ahead that the monsoon is not just about visiting waterfalls or green fields, but it can be the most enjoyable season with lot of activities involved.

Here are 7 best travel tips for your monsoon travel which can be practically applied anywhere in the world.

1#Why to travel in monsoon:

Simply because, it is a season of discounts!  Click on internet and you will notice offers on stays and food and most importantly on tickets.  What I like most about this season are fewer crowds around, which allow you to enjoy that place royally. So basically, monsoon is budget travel season where you can have lavish experience of the place at affordable prices. And yes, you can always ask for upgrades, from rooms to flight tickets. You never know, when you can turn out to be that lucky chap to travel in business class. Now, that’s really interesting! Isn’t it?

2#Things to do in monsoon:

Moving in heavy rains becomes quite cumbersome; but, if planned properly there are great many activities to be enjoyed in monsoon. The only trick here is to pick up the right destination and planning the itinerary accordingly.

  • Food is a great way to connect with the culture of that place, so list out the food items you want to try and explore the café’s and food restaurants around.
  • Expedition to museums, old churches and heritage places which would require you to stay under roof protecting in rains
  • Visit forts/hills to see nature at its best
  • Rent bicycle and ride in parks _This one is my favorite!
  • Choose cafés/restaurants with beautiful view and sip your favorite drink… and oh, by the way you can bring along your favorite book to read.
  • Go to famous spa/ body massage centers and simply relax
  • Visit indoor aquarium/ planetarium or gaming zones
  • Look for best theater from that place and watch good movie – I bet the movie you will watch would turn out to be one of the most memorable movie you have ever watched.
  • Visit famous shopping destination (malls) and just Shop!
  • Water sports /water adventures are mostly close down however there are some rides which are still open in rainy days at lower costs

To be honest, what I enjoy more is chitchatting with local people while sipping “masala chai” in a glass cup.  This is the best way to connect with localites and unrevealing the interesting stories of that place.

3#Getting prepared for monsoon:

Okay, we are moving out, going to places but before that while you travel on those rainy days, all you need is to gear up with some basic necessities.

The best way to pack your bags is going thru the check list.

  • The must keep item includes Polythene pouches/zip lock bags. These are very handy and are of multipurpose use, right from protecting for your wallet, cellphone, watch to other electronic gadgets!
  • Mosquito repellent _ travelling without this in rainy days is simply No, No!!
  • Sunblock cream/lotion
  • Extra pair of clothes preferably light weight cotton/semi synthetic which dries quickly
  • Shower caps (to cover your head in heavy rainfall, you can simply hide it beneath your raincoat cap/hood)
  • small towel/wet wipes
  • Raincoat / umbrella /jackets_ ( preferably the ones which can be folded easily and eventually will occupy less space in your bag)
  • Torch ( for those unpredictable black outs)
  • Waterproof bag to keep all your check listed items
  • Choose right accessories and wear comfortable foot wares for rainy season

4#Keep the track of weather and forecast:

You haven not even started with your expedition and imagine yourself looking out of the hotel window and praying for the rain to stop. Rains can be unpredictable. So it is always better to keep yourself updated with weather conditions and surfing thru news channels/newspaper can be of great help.

Be ready with answers to below questions:

  • Whether public/private transport is available during heavy rains?
  • What is the closing time of a market/park or monuments you are visiting?
  • What and where are the possible options of stay back? You may find a good stop over for the wine tasting or great food.

(Carry hotel card with you in case you are not sure to whom to call and whose help to seek in case of emergency)

5#Be ready for last minute plans:

As weather can be very unpredictable there might be last minute cancellation of buses/flights/trains. Understand the cancellation and refund procedures. Same can happen with your tours/trips so be mentally prepared for all possibilities. Have back up plans ready to use your time wisely. Keep your near and dear ones informed about your location.

6#Prevalent diseases and preventive measures:

Travelling in rainy season or just after the monsoon is simply fun but it can turn out be a nightmare if you fall sick. This season needs some special attention towards your health. Avoid flood areas or travelling thru places known for epidemic disease outburst. Gather the information about prevalent diseases in that area. Skin allergies, cold, cholera, malaria and viral fever are the common monsoon travel illness.  Always keep your first aid box ready for an emergency.

7#Keep check on your food/drink:

Avoid eating raw food. Choose your food stops wisely and correctly. Due to wet environment outside, we tend to forget to drink water which is very necessary to keep our body hydrated. Drink boiled /bottled water as and when possible to avoid water-borne diseases.

Lastly and most importantly, do not forget to enjoy… Have a happy Monsoon and keep travelling!

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