So you are all set for that wonderful vacation with your partner!  You have taken up final glance at your checklist, all seems great and now you are just about to head to your destination. What a great feeling, isn’t it?

But, wait a minute! Do you really think that mere visiting to your favorite destination is going to be a real fun?  When I travel, I come across many lovely and cute couples around. However, interestingly, I also observed that many of these couples do not match their travel adrenaline at a same level.  One partner is sitting on a chair looking blankly at the crowd, while other partner is super excited about paragliding adventure. One is enjoying simply relaxing on a beach while other wants to go for a banana boat ride. And yes, a typical scene where husband is completely engrossed in laptop and office issues while wife is waiting for his task to over.

This variation I believe is simple because, no two people are same and thus their liking vary significantly owing to their inbuilt “travel traits” ranging from a nature lover, trekker, and history bluff to an adventurous personality or he or she could be a leisure traveler and so on…

Many times it’s one or the other person who ends up compromising on their choices, which intentionally or unintentionally leads to those scary “Mood swings” and ultimately these swings leads to series of events spoiling the whole trip.

Here are some useful tips to have that wonderful vacation experience as a blessed couple on a tour:

1) Share your plan with your mate: This is the first thing that I would recommend. I receive lot of quires from my friends and readers for planning their trips and many times I found that they are totally unaware of other partner’s schedule. It might be a shock to them rather than so called “surprise”. So letting know your loved ones about your vacation plans is the foremost thing to do- to avoid that further disappointment due to date /time unavailability.

2) Decide location that matches with liking of both partners, make a checklist.

What are his and her places of interests? What activities you both would enjoy together.

3) Don’t forget about your taste buds. What type of food you both will enjoy? One wants to eat fish and other person is a huge fan of an organic food. I honestly feel that there should not be compromise on good food or the food that you like. I have seen many people going crazy, simply because they were either starving their partners in a bargain to complete the list of tourist attractions or simply because they choose to eat salad unwillingly where in reality they wanted to eat pizza. I am 100% sure that without good food in your stomach; you won’t be able to enjoy your next destination.

4) Discuss and be open to opinion and suggestion of your partner. You may like riding bike but your partner may want to relax in a café and listen to some good music.  So, come up with a plan that makes it interesting for both of you to visit that particular place. And by the way, there is nothing wrong in cheering up for your partner or other way round, you can relax and enjoy the music with your darling /sweetheart.

5) Making your booking arrangement’s ready: Organize things in advance, check your hotel booking, sightseeing booking, guide to hire and any other specific arrangement you need.

Make a day itinerary in detail for the time of your stay; this way you won’t spend your time in scratching head and thinking what to do next and not to get panicky.

6) Consider time and means to reach the destination. Check if he/she is okay with the travel plan. Don’t crunch too many things in a single trip and put burden on shoulders of your partner. Make it comfortable for both of you.

7) Take out special time for romance:  As a couple, make sure your loved ones feel that they are important and being respected. May be this is the right place and right time to express how much you care for your soulmate. Travelling together makes you to rely on each other and in turn it could be a great way to show that you really love and admire each other for the things your partner doing it for you. Dependency on each other will help you to explore more about your bond and it will do nothing but make your relationship more strong.

In case you are more outgoing or adventures and simply want to try new things don’t hold yourself back because this is the time for  you both where you can actually let yourself loose and bring out the real person in you.

8) No PDA (public display of affection) unless you know the rules: Make sure you have read and made yourself aware about the rules for couples travelling in specific countries, for example like in Dubai. Do not indulge into an activity that might be illegal or a public offense. Yes, even kissing or hugging in a public place is not allowed in Dubai or for that matter, even referring as girlfriend or boyfriend could be a problem for getting a hotel room for an unmarried couple.  You don’t want to get caught behind bars on your much planned trip.

9) At last but not least, some miscellaneous things to note:

  • Be careful of people misguiding you about directions/places , keep your eyes and ears open
  • Believe in your gut intuition
  • Travel smart and organized; keep your bags as light as possible and handy.
  • Ensure that you inform your relatives about your whereabouts/ places you visit.
  • Keep emergency telephone numbers handy.
  • Don’t flash that gold jewelry or expensive items in a public, safeguard yourself from pickpocketers.
  • Be friendly to locals or other people around but don’t disclose your schedule or give away your complete information.

Lastly, if something goes wrong don’t blame each other, instead make the most of that moment.

Enjoy your trip to fullest and make it memorable with all good and bad stuff doing together. Follow all rules and break them also, it’s FUN!!

And yes, don’t forget to share your experiences and stories and lovely pictures…