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7 Amazing New Year Party Locations In Mumbai

Okay, so it’s a Christmas week and New Year is on the way! Most people must have already planned their New Year’s Eve but I am sure there are few people who might be still on last minute search for best places to welcome upcoming year with their loved ones.

So here I have complied amazing New Year party locations in and around Mumbai under the options that you can choose from.

Best New Year Parties in Mumbai 2017-18

Celebrate New Years Eve At Themed parks

1) Adlabs Imagica is known for unlimited fun and the New Year Celebration at Imagica guarantees the same. It is a perfect getaway for friends & families.

Price: Rs.1800-6000

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Fascinated by travel bloggers lifestyle ? Reality checks before you start your travel blog

Are you fascinated by the lifestyle of a Travel blogger or wish to start your own website or YouTube channel? Think twice before you jump into!

Before I started my blog I went to through lot of detailed research about lifestyle of a travel blogger and realized that it’s a full time job and you have to be immensely passionate about travelling which also includes day and night journey, keeping you hunger away while you are cutting and putting your blog material together and sometimes staying at awful places.

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Best hampi attractions in just two days

    “Traveling makes one modest — you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

And this is what happened to me when I visited Hampi. I was awestruck by the beauty of this ruined yet glorious world heritage site. This beautiful ancient city is situated on the bank of Tungabhadra River; also know as a Pampa river originally. (Pampa was a Lord Brahma’s daughter who later married to Lord Shiva.) This place was famous as Pampa however the name got anglicized from Pampa to Hampe and now Hampi.

Hampi is said to represents the Vijaya Nagara Empire and exhibits fine example of an architecture with scientific construction approach. It was one of the richest city at its prime and many international traders would come to this place to sell their products. This village was built around the famous Virupasksha temple and houses many temples, monuments and bazaars. Hampi gets it’s major attention due to naturally placed boulders and hills around it. At the time of Sunrise and Sunset these boulders reflect the magnificent color shades and you simply fall in love with this place.


Image source:

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Not to miss Great Wall of India_Kumbhalgarh Fort

Kumbhalgarh is a secretly placed fort and worth visit for its solid battlement great wall. It is stated to be the second longest wall in the world, the first being ”the Great Wall of China”. The huge complex of the Fort has numerous palaces, temples and gardens making it more magnificent and thus indeed has been added to the list of Worlds Heritage sites. The architecture keeps you fascinated for hours and you wonder about the time and effort taken to build this mansion.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Though my journey had started, I was bit worried seemingly I had started late from the Ajmer and the fort closing time was 5:30 pm. It was almost 3:45pm; still one and half hour away from fort! My heart started racing fast as I really did not wanted to miss upon my adventure walk on the second longest wall in the world.

Kumbhalgarh fort wall

The moment I reached few kilometers before the fort, my all anxiety just snapped away. The curvy road leads you thru dense forest accompanying lakes and canyons taking you to the fort located on the peak of mountain. The Aravali range makes you journey pleasant. As you drive up to the mountain, clouds seems to start catching and chasing you in playful manner.


clouds 1


As soon I approached the main gate of the fort that’s where my mind echoed Ahhaa!! Finally I am here. I grabbed my ticket and rushed inside without losing a minute.

Entry Point to Kumbhalgarh Fort

I never realized my fascination towards vintage and heritage sites until I visited Rajasthan. Every fort has its own flavor depicting its own story. Fort Kumbhalgarh is nestled into the Arawali range and proudly narrates the legacy of Kings of Mewar. The fort was built by Rana Kumbha who ruled the kingdom for the thirty five years. It took years of construction of this fort and it is located approximate 3600 ft above sea level.

Distant view from Kumbhalgarh fort

temple from Kumbhalgarh fort

Once upon a fort is now serves as great museum with more than 360 temples and palaces. The Fort is spread across 36 kilometers in length. The must visit points include Shiva temple and the “Badal palace”. The second one is accredited to be the birthplace of great warrior Maharana Pratap. The name “Badal” means Clouds and the palace looks like its standing in wonderland of the clouds.

templs in Kumbhalgarh fort


Palace in Kumbhalgarh fort

As I was late, I could not enjoy the panoramic view of the town down from the fort however I assumed it must be looking great in the broad day light. However in the evening one can enjoy light and sound music show (at 7.00 pm) which reveals the history of the fort. Nearby is a small snack center where one can indulge in delicious Rajasthani food items, sandwiches and tea/coffee.


Staying options: The Kumbha Bagh, Aodhi Hotel, Kumbhalgarh club Mahindra, Devi palace heritage Hotel

Visit duration: 2 – 3 hours

As staying options are expensive one can choose to travel back to Udaipur (80kms) or go to next destination; however if you wish to stay back for a day then the other option is to experience cultural programs back at these hotels.

Other point of attraction: KumbhalGarh Wildlife sanctuary

I enjoyed my time here and I hope this tourist attraction will be in your bucket list while your visit to Rajasthan.  Keep Smiling and Happy Travelling!!

P.s. (Image credits to internet)

Mandu_Ruined yet glorious off beat destination of Madhya Pradesh

The world has a history of many ruin cities; however, some cities leave behind their impeccable impression owing to their golden day’s stories, superb architecture and mystical aura. Mandu is one these cities, ruined yet so glorious! The town of Mandu is situated in a Malwa region which falls under Vindhya ranges of west central India and lies about 98 kms away from Indore- the capital city of Madhya Pradesh.

The saga of this town was begun by Rajput Kings or more correctly said as Parmar dynasty who laid down the foundation of fortress at Mandu. It was then was taken over by Delhi Sultan Hoshang Shah, who ruled over Malwa for 27 years. During his observance many monuments were built and some of these structures reflect the influence of Indo-Islamic architecture. He was the one who imposed the importance of strong military which can be seen even thru the solid structures of palaces and monuments built around.  People say that he was in so love with this place that he named his kingdom at Mandu as “Shahidabad” which means the city of Joy. This fort witnessed many leaders ruling over it including famous Mughal emperors like Baber, Humayun and Akbar and has testified the days of glory as well as dark. The entire fort is spread into 80 Kms of the perimeter which holds many mosques, ruined palaces, beautiful pathways, canals and many other monuments.

Mandu Garden

(Garden in front of Jahaz Mahal)

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Lakshmana Temple_Khajuraho_Did Kamasutra originated here ?

Lakshmana temple from Khajurao was built in 954AD by the seventh Chandella ruler– Yashovarman; dedicated to Lord Vishnu.  Everything about this temple is grand.  The massive sandstone platform, the height of this temple, the carvings on it will astonish you in every probable sense.

Sometimes you hear lot of stories about one particular destination and when you actually visit that place it turns out to be even more alluring than you had ever imagined.  Isn’t it? Same thing happened with me when I visited this temple in Khajuraho.  It is so captivating and a marvelous piece of an art which simply cannot be described in words.  This is the first temple that I came across from the western group of temples in Khajuraho and in the first glance itself I fell in complete love with its superb architecture.

Khajuraho_Laxamna temple_exterior

The visual delight started at the temple base only. The beautiful carvings made me go round and round this temple for multiple times. These carvings are unusual in a way that even small sculpture is so unique and emerges out from the stone wall to depict the story of life from that proliferate era. Continue reading

Maheshwar_Religious evening spent at the Varanasi of central India

After many days of rains what I miss in life is a Sunny day! Last night I was just going thru my trip photo album and I came across these beautiful pictures of sunset all the way from Maheshwar. I would say, these pictures enlightened my mood in a way in this bad monsoon and then, I simply decided to write about this lovely and pleasant place.

Apart from Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh (MP), I was more interested to see well known cities like Indore and Gwalior. These places are quite famous for their authentic food item; especially, Indore is a quite famous for its Classic “Khau Gali” (food lane) and sarafa bazaar which are open till late night. And honestly, when it comes to food and travel I make no compromise but maybe I was destined to be at different place at that time and eventually landed up in Maheshwar, a small town located 91 Kms away from Indore.

It was almost 5:00 pm when we friends touched Maheshwar. Though this town is very small one can notice progressive constructions all over it. Maheshwar is also known as “Varanasi of central India” and holds special importance in a list of religious places in India. It is situated on the bank of river Narmada with many important ancient landmarks embedded all over this tiny town. You notice many Hindu temples of different sizes and shapes around you. Glorious stone structures grab your immediate attention away from modern architecture. I believe more is the ancient city more is the charm of that place! The air in Maheshwar was taking me totally into the historic era, probably into a decade where Sanskrit was the primary mode of communication. As a tourist I could only admire the sense of being at that place. Continue reading

Abhaneri_ offbeat destination near Jaipur and Agra

From a tourist’s perspective; the state of Rajasthan, India is a complete package to indulge in. This place is filled with numerous points of attractions. From Royal palaces to strong forts, from beautiful lakes to deserted lands, from haunted stories to folk celebrations, whether you want to immerse yourself into the luxurious royal life or shop or eat or go for camel safari; this place has a unique thing to offer to an every individual visiting Rajasthan. However, among all these, Abhaneri village stands a bit aside! It is a beautiful small village located about 97 Kms away from the capital city Jaipur, more specifically on Jaipur- Agra road in Dausa district.

While I was on my way to Agra, I decided to visit Abhaneri for its famous stepwell “Chand Baori” (Baori means “Well”).  When I surfed more about this place and pictures, I realized that I have seen this place somewhere.  But where exactly that I was not remembering. I gave many guesses like I might have read it in a book, either in History chapters or in a Geography book.  And finally, after stressing my brain for a long, I remembered that I have seen this place in movie named “Paheli” directed by Amol Paleker.

It was long back when I was in my graduation, had booked movie tickets and there I was, in a cinema hall, totally confused with the movie story of a Ghost (Shaharukh Khan) falling in love with a pretty actress (Rani Mukherjee)! May be the story was so wired that I now remembered everything about it 😀  (Please excuse me, if you loved that movie. I have no intentions to hurt anyone’s sentiments). By the way, even Hollywood movies like The Dark knight Rises and The Fall have been shot at this place.

Okay, so let’s go back to our main motto of travelling! It was dark at 5 A.M. when I left Jaipur for Abhaneri, with maps and well placed direction boards reaching to this village was not a difficult task. It took one and half hour to touch this place. I could see smoke rising up to the sky, giving me indication that I was approaching village. I saw people sitting around small fireplace grabbing some warmth and chitchatting on a cold yet refreshing winter morning. Children were already on their way to schools and were looking happy in their blue and white uniforms.

What to see at Abhaneri, Rajasthan:

This step-well lies just at the beginning of a village and very easy to locate. Chand Baori is the most attractive landmarks in Rajasthan built by King Chanda between 800 and 900 AD. It is believed to be one of the oldest stepwells in Rajasthan. When the construction was completed, King dedicated this Step-well to Harshat Mata (Goddess of Joy and Happiness). Rajasthan is arid region and dedication of the step-well was a faith of King that Goddess will shower her blessings in the form of rain.

Stepwell 1

The architecture of this well is super precise and totally serves the purpose for conserving water. The 3,500 steps create wonderful artistic patterns on the wall and climbing up and down these steps looked to me a great fun. But, when you look down at the center of this well, you might feel little dizzy (Vertigo effect) due the 12 storeyed descending patterns of these steps.

This stepwell has steps on three sides, while on one side there is a special arrangement to sit for Royal families. The area around well is quite big and this very same place was in use for community gatherings. At present, this well is not active and has been barricaded from all the sides.

stepwell down view

The floor surrounding to this well has many small compartments which house idols of Hindu God and Goddesses. You will also notice many stone pillars carved marvelously in the premises. Some of these carvings also show resemblance to Khajuraho Temple figures stipulating that art was traveled from Madhya Pradesh to all the way to Rajasthan.

When asked to caretaker about these rock cut outs, he informed that, there is a temple of Harshat Mata and once upon time, these cuttings were the part of this temple. Many villagers come to this temple for the blessing of this Goddess.

Hashat Mata temple

Erotic figure

Sun was totally out by this time. I looked around and in a view; there were beautiful landscapes of green fields. Village was becoming more alive with buzzing market. The outskirt of “Chand Baori” is surrounded by many small shops, tea stalls and vegetable market.

Being a tea lover, I automatically started walking towards tea stall but I was hold back by a potter, who was making cups on a clay wheel. For an instance, I felt an urge to try my hands of wheels and surprisingly potter allowed it with a big smile. He also guided me on the speed of wheel, position of hands and the pressure to put on the clay. After two attempts I could make one cup which was looking more like a pot rather than cup. 😀 I had little chitchat with potter and his wife and then headed towards first TEA of the day!

hands on training on wheels

furnacing of cups

What to eat for breakfast :

In breakfast, most famous items include Kachori (fried Puri) and Jalebi (Sweets). We all know about Kachori chat which comes with spicy green chutney, sweet red chutney and curd; however Kachori with Kadhi was something new for me and I bet you will also enjoy it thoroughly.

Frying Kachori


Kadhi Kachori

Where to stay in Rajasthan while you visit Abhaneri:

As this place is near to Jaipur-Agra, you can choose between these two cities. Other option includes Abhaneri Camp Safari resort, which is just 1 or 2 kms away from step well. This place is peaceful and can be enjoyed better if you come in group.

For many tour operators Abhaneri is a stopover journey point, a good place for that little break from the forts and palaces. People from Abhaneri village are warm-hearted and very generous to make sure that you feel welcomed and that what adds more authenticity to your trip to Rajasthan.

11 Offbeat monsoon destinations in Maharashtra

When you think of places to visit in monsoon, in Maharashtra; you will find a long list of places.  However, these will either include Lonavala, Khandala, Mahableshwar, Pachgani, Matheran or Alibaug. Okay, not to miss- Amboli or Tahmini Ghat! But have you ever imagined yourself wandering beyond these regular monsoons destinations? The reason why I am asking is because; these are the places where people have been visiting since ages resulting into overcrowding and overpricing of food and/or accommodations.

This monsoon, “Rendezvous with Travel “ brings you 11 offbeat monsoon destinations which will not only enrich you with unconventional experience but will also allow to enjoy monsoon trip with less crowd and at affordable price!

  1. Ellora Caves:

The first place I would like to mention is Ellora caves, near Aurangabad.  The rock cut city nestled in the western Ghat mountain of Sahyadri really looks killer with waterfalls and green vegetation around. The fascinating carvings will take you back to the golden era of AD 600 to 1000. These caves represent three religions (Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism) which were prevalent during that time and will add up to your cultural experience. Climbing up to these caves is most enjoyable in monsoon owing to scenic views everywhere.

Read more about Ellora Caves_ Connecting yourself in the offline world of rocks!

  1. Kolad:

The next place of interest is a village from Raigad district, Kolad. It is located at 117 km from Mumbai (on national highway NH-17_ Mumbai Goa). This village sits on the bank of River Kundalika and gaining popularity due activities like river rafting, rappelling, jungle camping and kayaking. Not only this, but this place is also surrounded by beautiful lake, fort and waterfalls; so for an adventure traveler it’s a win win situation from each aspect. Continue reading

My morning rendezvous with lovely village_Orchha! Have you ever heard of this Village?

Orchha is very small village situated on the bank of river Betwa, specifically in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh. This lovely town is totally offbeat destination embedded with many beautiful monuments and temples.  River, fort, temples and cute houses really make you to stroll in the town; which is a worth visit.

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Get some Haunted experience at Bhangarh fort ! _Truth behind the scene

The day had come when I was just few kilometers away from this Haunted place and my heart was pounding faster than time. I made sure that I reach this village during the sunrise as I did not wanted to take a chance of anything going wrong.

Rajasthan is well known for its grand forts, palaces and Royal lifestyle; however, it is equally famous for folk stories especially those of haunted places.  For a second, I was scared a bit at my thought of visiting “Bhangarh Fort” built in 17th century which was once upon a time a glorious town but now known for its ghostly stories.

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Fort Kochi_Spoil yourself at this cozy and one of the best tourist destination in Kerala

Sometimes you just feel an urge to go on vacations not exactly sure where you want to head and then suddenly an opportunity comes to your way and you start believing that when urged for something very desperately, entire universe helps you to fulfill your dreams. My trip to Kerala was very abrupt plan. I was longing for a vacation and that’s when, out of blue -my friends planned to visit Fort Kochi!  Better known as Gateway to Kerala, Fort Kochi represents the cozy part of city Kochi (Cochin).  I wasn’t really sure of this place; however I had already started dreaming about my favorite south Indian food, greenery around and a relaxation therapy. Continue reading

7 Best summer destinations in India to enjoy your summer vacations

When it comes to the tourist places to visit in summers; I feel India is blessed with some of the great exotic summer destinations that will beat up the heat of any summer.  I have listed out 7 best summer destinations in India to quench your thirst for summer travel.


Himachal Pradesh, no doubt has to stand amongst number one summer destination in India. The list of places to visit is long and every place is equally beautiful and charming than other. Some of the famous places include Dharmashala, Dalhousie, Shimla, Kullu and lovely town Khajjiar.  I would call this state as a state of adventures activities.  You can enjoy rafting, trekking, forest campaigning, paragliding, ice skating, boating, horse riding, and hot balloon ride at this place.  Good place for shopping; famous for heritage handicrafts. Continue reading

Top things to see at red sandstone city Fatehpur Sikri

In continuation with my visit to Fatehpur Sikri , here I am exploring the other part of this city known as Fatehpur Fort! This place way beyond beautiful and it has many great looking architectural elements spread all over the fort. If you are a history bluff then you can immediately connect with the various parts of this palace, but if you are not then I would suggest you to hire a guide or rent those audio guides who can walk you thru the fascinating stories behind each of these elements.

Entry fees: Indian Rs 20/- and Foreigners Rs 260/-

Things to see at Fatehpur Sikri/Fort:

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Royal Palace at Fatehpur Sikri Agra_a must visit destination near Taj Mahal

Fatehpur Sikri, the city of red sand stone is situated at a distance of 37 Kms of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was built by Akbar in an honor of the great Sufi saint Salim Chisti who predicted the birth of heir of the Mughals. The best thing about this place is, it is easily accessible from the famous wonder “Taj Mahal” and can be coupled in a single trip.

This Red city has two main parts. One covers Buland Darwaza, Shahi Darwaza and the famous Salim Chisti tomb while other part is known as “Fatehpur Fort” which has many distinctive areas such as Jodhabai Mahal, Panch Mahal, Navratan Mahal, Mena Bazar and many more. Both these points lie just few meters away from each other.

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F.C. Road_One of the best place to hang out in Pune!

It has been quite a while; I had spent some leisure time of my own. And hence this Sunday we friends decided to visit F.C. road- one of the most happening and vibrant places in Pune. With the Tag “F.C. Road” the first thing that comes to one’s mind is lots of shopping and good food. You will see lot of youngsters, literally spread all over this area. The reason being famous colleges and food joints around! Some of these colleges and food joints have a history of 55-60 years and thus generations and generations have been witnessing the growing charm of this place. Continue reading

Lotus temple_one of the best temple in the world!

We all must have been to temple/church/mosque or gurdwara at least once in our lifetimes. However, there is one place in India which brings all religions together under one roof, the Bahai temple! Many of us will wonder of the name “Bahai” and what is this temple about? So let me help you…  You have heard of this temple but probably with a different name. I am talking about the famous Lotus temple located at Shambhu Dayal Bagh, Bahapur- New Delhi.

As the name itself indicates, this temple has a shape of Lotus and looks similar to Opera House in Sydney, Australia. Statistics say that this temple is one of the major tourist destinations in Delhi where people from all over the world come to just see the commendable architecture of this place and to experience the spirituality. Continue reading

5 best places you must know before you travel to Goa

Goa is colorful, vibrant and rich in its culture; famous for shopping and loveliest beaches. The food here is super delicious and filled with spices and coconut.  People here are generous and welcome you wide open.  I believe every travel lover has either been to this place or dream of being at this place at least once in a lifetime!

Even my love for this place has grown over the years where I actually dream of having my second home in Goa; where the sky blue water touches the white sand porch of my beautiful  wooden made house which is surrounded by lash green coconut and palm trees, and of course not to miss- one hammock to swing in the happy mode with the breeze, the place where the day stars with bright sunlight and ends with the music , wine , a good book and silent gossips with the waves. Oh God, somebody stop me from falling in love with this place over and again. Continue reading

Bollywood Punch_ Travel in Filmy ishtyle!!!

When I started my travel blog, I got to hear from many people that “You are very lucky that you can follow your passion, “ we also wish to travel but just don’t get enough of time or something always comes up in the middle of the plan and or for whatever XYZ reason it never turns to the reality!” So for such people, I have made a list of locations from India where Bollywood movies have captured the various colors of Incredible India, which they can enjoy simply sitting at home.  I believe that Indian film makers have taken immense efforts to show us many beautiful parts of India through their Camera lenses and I really admire them for doing so.  Though the actual feel of being at that very place is surely 1000 times better than simply watching it over television but you never know what may trigger your thirst for travel and to see the world out there and you may land up at the place of your choice! Continue reading

Ellora Caves_ Connecting yourself in the offline world of rocks!!

Since my childhood I had a fascination towards the magical powers of the Zen monks or Priests to whom I use to see on Television. As a kid, my understanding was limited only to the level that these powerful monks live very far on the uphill mountains covered with green carpets, surrounded by beautiful streams and one needs to cross many jungles and difficult paths to reach up to them. I always use to wonder about their cool magical gadgets and the virtue of power, patience and their principles about life. And my memories rejuvenated when I visited the caves from Ellora located in the state of Maharashtra, near Aurangabad. Continue reading

Beware _ I got scammed in the city of Lord Krishna!

Okay, so now you will think what is this all about? A Scam? That too in such a famous and religious place where Lord Krishna spent his youth?  Yes, you read it right. I am talking about the very same town – which is famous for adventures and mischievous stories of Lord Krishna!  I believe, we all have been listening to the enchanting tales of little Krishna since our childhood sharing an undefinable connection with Him. The Kalia Dance, sneaking butter and milk, Gopi –Krishna Rasleela and many more stories kept us glued to the TV. So when I got an opportunity to visit the land of these stories, I grabbed it. Continue reading

The best way to see 5 top tourist attractions in Delhi in one day!!

Delhi, the capital of India is one of the super transforming cities with respect to modernization whose crux still lies in its strong historical background. The city is vibrant and fast. It exhibits varied cultural arrays relating to several Hindu, Mughal as well as British emperors who ruled over the city for many years.

There are two reasons why I thought of writing about this metropolitan city. The first is current affairs with respect to state elections which took a very dramatic turn and congratulations to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal for his grand success. The other reason is, its February – the valentine day is just the corner and Delhi is one of the most romantic places of India especially in winters to celebrate and I could not think of any other place other than “Dilwalon Ki Dilli”. Continue reading

Orchha -The heritage town wrapped in a timeless beauty!!

Orchha is hugely famous as one of the offbeat destination and represents the glory of Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. The palaces here exhibit the finest examples of Hindu Mughal architecture while the cenotaphs along the riverside give a glimpse of blue blood endure against the Mughal and British Raj.

This exquisite town is located about 5-6 hours away from the Khajuraho, considering you are driving a car at the speed of 80-100kms/hr.  The first great door sign indicates that you are about to enter the town. The roads are less populated and wavy, leading you inside the heritage hamlet. Continue reading

Why you should visit Orchha – The hidden jewel of Madhya Pradesh!!

If you are looking for off -beat destination then Orchha is the right place for you. Orchha means ‘Hidden’ and the place truly stands for its name. This place is pleasant in its mysterious way and yet very charming. When I visited Orchha, I completely fell in love with this place; and here are my top 5 reasons why you should visit Orchha! Continue reading

Deeg Palace- The Vacation palace of Maharajahs!!

OMG! Can you imagine the Rajahs and the Maharajahs going on a vacation? I bet you can’t. Okay, try recollecting history chapters we read in school. They were almost always about wars and battles; they either won or lost but we never heard of them going on a vacation. But hey, wait a minute! The fact is, they along-with their family use to go on royal vacations and here, I would like to share my experience about one such place in Rajasthan known as “Deeg Palace”- a vacation palace built in 1772 by the Jat King Badan Singh.

In reality, this palace is a fusion of fort and palace. It was built at a prime location from the political aspect and thus suffered many attacks from Mughals; so later on SurajMal- the son of Badan Singh decided to build a fort wall around this palace. It’s very interesting to know that there was one marble palace already built in Delhi and when SurajMal captured Delhi, he dismantled it and got restructured at Deeg palace (Today known as SurajMal Bhawan). The entire fort is elegant in its style however still appears strong in its architecture. Continue reading

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