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Lotus temple_one of the best temple in the world!

We all must have been to temple/church/mosque or gurdwara at least once in our lifetimes. However, there is one place in India which brings all religions together under one roof, the Bahai temple! Many of us will wonder of the name “Bahai” and what is this temple about? So let me help you…  You have heard of this temple but probably with a different name. I am talking about the famous Lotus temple located at Shambhu Dayal Bagh, Bahapur- New Delhi.

As the name itself indicates, this temple has a shape of Lotus and looks similar to Opera House in Sydney, Australia. Statistics say that this temple is one of the major tourist destinations in Delhi where people from all over the world come to just see the commendable architecture of this place and to experience the spirituality. Continue reading

The best way to see 5 top tourist attractions in Delhi in one day!!

Delhi, the capital of India is one of the super transforming cities with respect to modernization whose crux still lies in its strong historical background. The city is vibrant and fast. It exhibits varied cultural arrays relating to several Hindu, Mughal as well as British emperors who ruled over the city for many years.

There are two reasons why I thought of writing about this metropolitan city. The first is current affairs with respect to state elections which took a very dramatic turn and congratulations to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal for his grand success. The other reason is, its February – the valentine day is just the corner and Delhi is one of the most romantic places of India especially in winters to celebrate and I could not think of any other place other than “Dilwalon Ki Dilli”. Continue reading

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