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7 Best summer destinations in India to enjoy your summer vacations

When it comes to the tourist places to visit in summers; I feel India is blessed with some of the great exotic summer destinations that will beat up the heat of any summer.  I have listed out 7 best summer destinations in India to quench your thirst for summer travel.


Himachal Pradesh, no doubt has to stand amongst number one summer destination in India. The list of places to visit is long and every place is equally beautiful and charming than other. Some of the famous places include Dharmashala, Dalhousie, Shimla, Kullu and lovely town Khajjiar.  I would call this state as a state of adventures activities.  You can enjoy rafting, trekking, forest campaigning, paragliding, ice skating, boating, horse riding, and hot balloon ride at this place.  Good place for shopping; famous for heritage handicrafts. Continue reading

5 best places you must know before you travel to Goa

Goa is colorful, vibrant and rich in its culture; famous for shopping and loveliest beaches. The food here is super delicious and filled with spices and coconut.  People here are generous and welcome you wide open.  I believe every travel lover has either been to this place or dream of being at this place at least once in a lifetime!

Even my love for this place has grown over the years where I actually dream of having my second home in Goa; where the sky blue water touches the white sand porch of my beautiful  wooden made house which is surrounded by lash green coconut and palm trees, and of course not to miss- one hammock to swing in the happy mode with the breeze, the place where the day stars with bright sunlight and ends with the music , wine , a good book and silent gossips with the waves. Oh God, somebody stop me from falling in love with this place over and again. Continue reading

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