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Mandu_Ruined yet glorious off beat destination of Madhya Pradesh

The world has a history of many ruin cities; however, some cities leave behind their impeccable impression owing to their golden day’s stories, superb architecture and mystical aura. Mandu is one these cities, ruined yet so glorious! The town of Mandu is situated in a Malwa region which falls under Vindhya ranges of west central India and lies about 98 kms away from Indore- the capital city of Madhya Pradesh.

The saga of this town was begun by Rajput Kings or more correctly said as Parmar dynasty who laid down the foundation of fortress at Mandu. It was then was taken over by Delhi Sultan Hoshang Shah, who ruled over Malwa for 27 years. During his observance many monuments were built and some of these structures reflect the influence of Indo-Islamic architecture. He was the one who imposed the importance of strong military which can be seen even thru the solid structures of palaces and monuments built around.  People say that he was in so love with this place that he named his kingdom at Mandu as “Shahidabad” which means the city of Joy. This fort witnessed many leaders ruling over it including famous Mughal emperors like Baber, Humayun and Akbar and has testified the days of glory as well as dark. The entire fort is spread into 80 Kms of the perimeter which holds many mosques, ruined palaces, beautiful pathways, canals and many other monuments.

Mandu Garden

(Garden in front of Jahaz Mahal)

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Lakshmana Temple_Khajuraho_Did Kamasutra originated here ?

Lakshmana temple from Khajurao was built in 954AD by the seventh Chandella ruler– Yashovarman; dedicated to Lord Vishnu.  Everything about this temple is grand.  The massive sandstone platform, the height of this temple, the carvings on it will astonish you in every probable sense.

Sometimes you hear lot of stories about one particular destination and when you actually visit that place it turns out to be even more alluring than you had ever imagined.  Isn’t it? Same thing happened with me when I visited this temple in Khajuraho.  It is so captivating and a marvelous piece of an art which simply cannot be described in words.  This is the first temple that I came across from the western group of temples in Khajuraho and in the first glance itself I fell in complete love with its superb architecture.

Khajuraho_Laxamna temple_exterior

The visual delight started at the temple base only. The beautiful carvings made me go round and round this temple for multiple times. These carvings are unusual in a way that even small sculpture is so unique and emerges out from the stone wall to depict the story of life from that proliferate era. Continue reading

Maheshwar_Religious evening spent at the Varanasi of central India

After many days of rains what I miss in life is a Sunny day! Last night I was just going thru my trip photo album and I came across these beautiful pictures of sunset all the way from Maheshwar. I would say, these pictures enlightened my mood in a way in this bad monsoon and then, I simply decided to write about this lovely and pleasant place.

Apart from Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh (MP), I was more interested to see well known cities like Indore and Gwalior. These places are quite famous for their authentic food item; especially, Indore is a quite famous for its Classic “Khau Gali” (food lane) and sarafa bazaar which are open till late night. And honestly, when it comes to food and travel I make no compromise but maybe I was destined to be at different place at that time and eventually landed up in Maheshwar, a small town located 91 Kms away from Indore.

It was almost 5:00 pm when we friends touched Maheshwar. Though this town is very small one can notice progressive constructions all over it. Maheshwar is also known as “Varanasi of central India” and holds special importance in a list of religious places in India. It is situated on the bank of river Narmada with many important ancient landmarks embedded all over this tiny town. You notice many Hindu temples of different sizes and shapes around you. Glorious stone structures grab your immediate attention away from modern architecture. I believe more is the ancient city more is the charm of that place! The air in Maheshwar was taking me totally into the historic era, probably into a decade where Sanskrit was the primary mode of communication. As a tourist I could only admire the sense of being at that place. Continue reading

My morning rendezvous with lovely village_Orchha! Have you ever heard of this Village?

Orchha is very small village situated on the bank of river Betwa, specifically in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh. This lovely town is totally offbeat destination embedded with many beautiful monuments and temples.  River, fort, temples and cute houses really make you to stroll in the town; which is a worth visit.

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Orchha -The heritage town wrapped in a timeless beauty!!

Orchha is hugely famous as one of the offbeat destination and represents the glory of Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. The palaces here exhibit the finest examples of Hindu Mughal architecture while the cenotaphs along the riverside give a glimpse of blue blood endure against the Mughal and British Raj.

This exquisite town is located about 5-6 hours away from the Khajuraho, considering you are driving a car at the speed of 80-100kms/hr.  The first great door sign indicates that you are about to enter the town. The roads are less populated and wavy, leading you inside the heritage hamlet. Continue reading

Why you should visit Orchha – The hidden jewel of Madhya Pradesh!!

If you are looking for off -beat destination then Orchha is the right place for you. Orchha means ‘Hidden’ and the place truly stands for its name. This place is pleasant in its mysterious way and yet very charming. When I visited Orchha, I completely fell in love with this place; and here are my top 5 reasons why you should visit Orchha! Continue reading

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