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7 Amazing New Year Party Locations In Mumbai

Okay, so it’s a Christmas week and New Year is on the way! Most people must have already planned their New Year’s Eve but I am sure there are few people who might be still on last minute search for best places to welcome upcoming year with their loved ones.

So here I have complied amazing New Year party locations in and around Mumbai under the options that you can choose from.

Best New Year Parties in Mumbai 2017-18

Celebrate New Years Eve At Themed parks

1) Adlabs Imagica is known for unlimited fun and the New Year Celebration at Imagica guarantees the same. It is a perfect getaway for friends & families.

Price: Rs.1800-6000

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11 Offbeat monsoon destinations in Maharashtra

When you think of places to visit in monsoon, in Maharashtra; you will find a long list of places.  However, these will either include Lonavala, Khandala, Mahableshwar, Pachgani, Matheran or Alibaug. Okay, not to miss- Amboli or Tahmini Ghat! But have you ever imagined yourself wandering beyond these regular monsoons destinations? The reason why I am asking is because; these are the places where people have been visiting since ages resulting into overcrowding and overpricing of food and/or accommodations.

This monsoon, “Rendezvous with Travel “ brings you 11 offbeat monsoon destinations which will not only enrich you with unconventional experience but will also allow to enjoy monsoon trip with less crowd and at affordable price!

  1. Ellora Caves:

The first place I would like to mention is Ellora caves, near Aurangabad.  The rock cut city nestled in the western Ghat mountain of Sahyadri really looks killer with waterfalls and green vegetation around. The fascinating carvings will take you back to the golden era of AD 600 to 1000. These caves represent three religions (Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism) which were prevalent during that time and will add up to your cultural experience. Climbing up to these caves is most enjoyable in monsoon owing to scenic views everywhere.

Read more about Ellora Caves_ Connecting yourself in the offline world of rocks!

  1. Kolad:

The next place of interest is a village from Raigad district, Kolad. It is located at 117 km from Mumbai (on national highway NH-17_ Mumbai Goa). This village sits on the bank of River Kundalika and gaining popularity due activities like river rafting, rappelling, jungle camping and kayaking. Not only this, but this place is also surrounded by beautiful lake, fort and waterfalls; so for an adventure traveler it’s a win win situation from each aspect. Continue reading

F.C. Road_One of the best place to hang out in Pune!

It has been quite a while; I had spent some leisure time of my own. And hence this Sunday we friends decided to visit F.C. road- one of the most happening and vibrant places in Pune. With the Tag “F.C. Road” the first thing that comes to one’s mind is lots of shopping and good food. You will see lot of youngsters, literally spread all over this area. The reason being famous colleges and food joints around! Some of these colleges and food joints have a history of 55-60 years and thus generations and generations have been witnessing the growing charm of this place. Continue reading

Bollywood Punch_ Travel in Filmy ishtyle!!!

When I started my travel blog, I got to hear from many people that “You are very lucky that you can follow your passion, “ we also wish to travel but just don’t get enough of time or something always comes up in the middle of the plan and or for whatever XYZ reason it never turns to the reality!” So for such people, I have made a list of locations from India where Bollywood movies have captured the various colors of Incredible India, which they can enjoy simply sitting at home.  I believe that Indian film makers have taken immense efforts to show us many beautiful parts of India through their Camera lenses and I really admire them for doing so.  Though the actual feel of being at that very place is surely 1000 times better than simply watching it over television but you never know what may trigger your thirst for travel and to see the world out there and you may land up at the place of your choice! Continue reading

Ellora Caves_ Connecting yourself in the offline world of rocks!!

Since my childhood I had a fascination towards the magical powers of the Zen monks or Priests to whom I use to see on Television. As a kid, my understanding was limited only to the level that these powerful monks live very far on the uphill mountains covered with green carpets, surrounded by beautiful streams and one needs to cross many jungles and difficult paths to reach up to them. I always use to wonder about their cool magical gadgets and the virtue of power, patience and their principles about life. And my memories rejuvenated when I visited the caves from Ellora located in the state of Maharashtra, near Aurangabad. Continue reading

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