Do you have a boyfriend? The funniest questions asked to a woman traveler!

No matter how advanced we think we have become… there will always be those basic curiosity questions which will never be changed for girls.

I knew some or the other point of my life I would be facing such questions but it was the Kerala where I was asked these questions for the first time.

The middle aged lady was not getting convinced of a fact that girls can passionately travel around and that too solo.

Soon I realized that it wasn’t just the lady but everyone around me is curious to know these answers.

Here it goes…


They: Okay so you are a travel blogger and with whom do you travel?

Me:  (with smile) friends or sometimes alone.

They: Female friends only or male friends?

(I wonder:  No one is interested in knowing my solo stories)

I laugh then! It depends on who all are interested in my friend circle.

They:  So you travel in a group? (With eyes wide open) Only girls or/ and boys together.

Me: (Repeat the answer) it depends.

They: (with rolling eyes) do you have a boyfriend?









Me: No I don’t have a boyfriend.

They: are you serious (with the expression like – she is lying; she must have a boyfriend otherwise how come she is able to travel this much?)

Me: (now as I have read their mind), you got me yes, I do have a boyfriend!!

I can sense the satisfying look on their faces..

They: (with the winning look) I knew it!! So where he is now and what does he do?  Travel blogger?

thank you









Me: (feeling hilarious … I wish I could tell them that even I came to know about it just a minute ago.)  My story goes on with their questions … Currently he is travelling to Vietnam for some project as a travel blogger.

They: that’s so exciting … (ready to hit next question) how come you are travelling alone here then and not in Vietnam with him?

Me: thanks for reminding I have to book my ticket, I will be joining him soon.

They:  (still thinking) probably of the next question to ask for verification…

Though I am not keen in making stories … sometimes these delusions break the barrier of the so called social stigma, people accept you in the social circle and as long as it opens a doorway for a conversation and great stories I think all is fair with these stories!!


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  1. Vishwanath Zambre

    August 2, 2016 at 7:25 pm

    Hehe!! I agree with you. Most of the people have these questions.
    I could picturise the situation.

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