The month of August is a part of a monsoon quarter in India. Rains are heavy in some states like Goa , Assam; while places like Rajasthan, Delhi or Agra are still very pleasant to visit and make trip to India more enjoyable in August. Though one has to be very picky about the places to visit in August because the monsoon gets pretty unpredictable by this time; there is a way to enjoy your trip to India if we look at a word “travel” in a different perspective! Here is the list of festivals in August in India. Choose and visit as many that interests you and become a part of these magnificent and lavish celebrations…

1) Osho Monsoon Festival:  This festival aims at teaching modern mediation techniques. This festival is famous at international level mainly because it gives an opportunity for global participants to come together and learn contemporary techniques under one roof. Along with it, this five day festival includes many dance and live music shows, art exhibitions which are accompanied by International Food festival to please your taste buds.

Date: 11-15 Aug 2015

Location: Pune, Osho International Meditation Resort , Maharashtra

2) Independence Day: As the name suggests, this day is dedicated to the Independence of the country from British Empire. The best celebration of this ceremony can be seen at Red Fort, Delhi. A variety of cultural programs and fun activities are carried out here. The prime minister addresses to the Nation which is followed by spectacular Indian Army and paramilitary parade and pageant’s and kite flying (as a symbol of freedom).

Date: 15 Aug 2015

Location: Though Delhi is center point, this day is celebrated across nation with lot of enthusiasm and patriotism.

3) Teej festival: It is an important festival for women and commemorates the reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Girls and ladies get beautifully dressed; apply heena on hands and feet and gather together , parade around and perform with folk singers and dancers. Families gift clothes and jewelry to women in house. (This festival is also celebrated in Nepal to welcome monsoon season)

Date: 17-18 Aug 2015

Location: Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Rajasthan

4) Nag Panchami: This is a festive dedicated to snakes. As per Indian culture, snakes are friends of farmers as they aid in protection of grains by keeping pests like rat away from the fields. The King Cobra is considered as scared owing to his presence associated with the Lord Shiva. People worship snakes and honor them with milk offerings.

Date: 19 Aug 2015

Location:  Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh as well in some of the temples from Jaipur and Chennai

5) The Monsoon Festival: It is a festival organized by Red Earth, which will be celebrating their 10th Edition in 2015. The whole idea is to pay tribute to Lord Krishna, the ultimate monsoon man. Many workshops, seminar and exhibitions related to art and culture form a part of this event. This festivals aims at bringing the old and/or forgotten Indian cultural and traditional practices upfront.

Date: 20- 22 Aug 2015

Location: Delhi

6) Onam Festival: Now, this festival is one of the important festivals for the people from Kerala. It is considered as Harvest Festival that goes up to 10 days celebration where each day has its own importance. Many cultural and traditional rituals are carried out during this period. One of the striking features of this celebration includes beautiful and attractive floral arrangements in front of every house.

Date: 28 Aug 2015 to 10 days ahead.

Location: God’s own Country – Kerala ( Trissur, Trivandrum and Kottayam)

7) Raksha Bandhan: This festival holds special importance amongst Indians and dedicated to the Brother-sister relationship. Sisters tie beautifully crafted thread (rakhi) on the hands of their brothers. This bond represents the love and affection between siblings. Brother vows for the protection and promises sister to be there in all ups and downs in her life. Varieties of sweets are made and gifts are exchanged.

Date: 29 Aug 2015

Location: All over India

8) Nariyal Poornima/Coconut Festival: This festival is mostly celebrated amongst Koli (fisherman) communities from the coastal regions. As a gesture of gratitude, coconuts are offered to the sea and fisherman pray for their smooth journeys in and out of the sea. It’s a way of thanking for the food they get out of their fishermen job. It is celebrated on the same day as of Raksha Bandhan. Social gatherings and dancing are the main attractions of this festival.

Date: 29 Aug 2015

Location: Coastal region from Maharashtra, (Versova Koliwada is famous for its traditional procession –Mumbai)

9) Aranmula snake boat race: Basically, this race is a part of Onam celebration itself and the competition takes place at the river Aranmula. This race is more of a cultural ritual than a contest and it is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Oarsmen sing traditional songs; people from nearby areas gather to see this race, they motivate these racers and the whole aura is filled with lot of excitement. There are many other snake boat races famous in Kerala.

Date: 31 Aug 2015

Location: Kerala ( Pampa River, Aranmula)