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Be wise _Choosing the Color of your outfits

Always select the color of your outfits matching to the theme of the place you are going to visit. For example you are totally in love with green color and have most outfits of that shade. Now you are visiting Kerala with green sights at the backdrop and imagine yourself posing in that green outfit with the greenery around you.  Din’t you laugh for a second? It may sound funny but we never realize until we are brought attention to it.  You will lose the entire essence of your photographs. Instead try wearing white, pink, yellow which will go in contrast to the background and see the difference in your snaps. You will love them more. 🙂

The best way to see 5 top tourist attractions in Delhi in one day!!

Delhi, the capital of India is one of the super transforming cities with respect to modernization whose crux still lies in its strong historical background. The city is vibrant and fast. It exhibits varied cultural arrays relating to several Hindu, Mughal as well as British emperors who ruled over the city for many years.

There are two reasons why I thought of writing about this metropolitan city. The first is current affairs with respect to state elections which took a very dramatic turn and congratulations to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal for his grand success. The other reason is, its February – the valentine day is just the corner and Delhi is one of the most romantic places of India especially in winters to celebrate and I could not think of any other place other than “Dilwalon Ki Dilli”. Continue reading

Choosing your right Travel Bag

I would always suggest going for a light weighted bags – with the correct bag size. Many times under the misconception of buying a sturdy bag we end up buying a bag which weighs more than our cloths. Ask, are you visiting a shopping destination like Delhi or Dubai? Will your bag hold that extra weight? These day’s lots of folding bags have come in the market which fit into a pocket size space, so use them whenever required. And don’t carry to many bags loading you with unnecessary burden. Travel light!!!

Orchha -The heritage town wrapped in a timeless beauty!!

Orchha is hugely famous as one of the offbeat destination and represents the glory of Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. The palaces here exhibit the finest examples of Hindu Mughal architecture while the cenotaphs along the riverside give a glimpse of blue blood endure against the Mughal and British Raj.

This exquisite town is located about 5-6 hours away from the Khajuraho, considering you are driving a car at the speed of 80-100kms/hr.  The first great door sign indicates that you are about to enter the town. The roads are less populated and wavy, leading you inside the heritage hamlet. Continue reading

Choosing the right outfit for travel

Okay, so finally you have arrived at a place where you always wanted to be. It is a one week trip and in the end you start realizing that you are falling short of clothes for that perfect evening party or may be for an adventures boat ride.  So what’s the solution? –  Try new clothes before you travel. Keep in mind what will go with that blue shirt or with that pink pant?  What could be the possible combinations I can make out of mix and matches? Pack only those clothes which you are sure of wearing and don’t stuff your bag with unnecessary clothes.

Why you should visit Orchha – The hidden jewel of Madhya Pradesh!!

If you are looking for off -beat destination then Orchha is the right place for you. Orchha means ‘Hidden’ and the place truly stands for its name. This place is pleasant in its mysterious way and yet very charming. When I visited Orchha, I completely fell in love with this place; and here are my top 5 reasons why you should visit Orchha! Continue reading

Monument Timings follow it precisely!

Always check the open and close timings of the monuments. It may happen that you have noted down the timings long back when you were simply deciding whether to or not to visit this place and in real scenario, when you visit this place, you see a “CLOSED” board – which I am sure you do not want to see. Another possibility is that renovation work is going on and the monuments are closed for visit.  So to avoid this, confirm the visit duration and timings with your tour operators, hotel staff or the localites beforehand.

Deeg Palace- The Vacation palace of Maharajahs!!

OMG! Can you imagine the Rajahs and the Maharajahs going on a vacation? I bet you can’t. Okay, try recollecting history chapters we read in school. They were almost always about wars and battles; they either won or lost but we never heard of them going on a vacation. But hey, wait a minute! The fact is, they along-with their family use to go on royal vacations and here, I would like to share my experience about one such place in Rajasthan known as “Deeg Palace”- a vacation palace built in 1772 by the Jat King Badan Singh.

In reality, this palace is a fusion of fort and palace. It was built at a prime location from the political aspect and thus suffered many attacks from Mughals; so later on SurajMal- the son of Badan Singh decided to build a fort wall around this palace. It’s very interesting to know that there was one marble palace already built in Delhi and when SurajMal captured Delhi, he dismantled it and got restructured at Deeg palace (Today known as SurajMal Bhawan). The entire fort is elegant in its style however still appears strong in its architecture. Continue reading

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