Are you fascinated by the lifestyle of a Travel blogger or wish to start your own website or YouTube channel? Think twice before you jump into!

Before I started my blog I went to through lot of detailed research about lifestyle of a travel blogger and realized that it’s a full time job and you have to be immensely passionate about travelling which also includes day and night journey, keeping you hunger away while you are cutting and putting your blog material together and sometimes staying at awful places.

There are hardly any blogs, which tell you reality behind this glossy life style of travellers. But instead, you will find all posts that how I QUIT my job to join as blogger. You cant give justice to your blog in part time scenario and if you have enough of money to survive thru your passion then only quit your job. Otherwise it’s a big NO NO!

When I checked the background & read interviews of these bloggers who posted that they quit the jobs, I found them to have substantially strong background or their family had a history of travelling to places which in turn already made their “travel –Genes” active and are already used to changing environment phenomena. When I mentioned strong background, it also includes monetary side as travel costs (tickets, meals & fuel) are increasing day by day.

Next point, how much do travel bloggers make? I would say hardly anything to survive unless you are patient enough towards your work. It is not an overnight success. It takes lot of efforts, years of hard work, along with substantial amount of time & energy to reach a successful travel blogger in terms of achieveing monetary benefits.

I see lot of young generation following the blogging trend; nothing wrong in it but it has an advantage only when you start early. May be you can consider blogging as one of those things you know like “30 things to do before you turn 20”. Or may be you can opt for contract jobs where you can get time to pursue your career as a blogger.

Think wisely before you choosing your career option as full time blogger as you need to invest lot of your time and energy & money to build your reputation as a blogger. Writing one post may take more than 2 days, which comes to 48 hours as you struggle thru providing right information to your readers. You need to work on choosing authentic content, right key words for your posts, images, and background information and then only you can generate a meaningful post.

Having said all, there is no stopping to a person who is determined to go thru pain and ready to take efforts; once you get the grip then nothing can hold you back. All the best for your blog!