Lakshmana Temple_Khajuraho_Did Kamasutra originated here ?

Lakshmana temple from Khajurao was built in 954AD by the seventh Chandella ruler– Yashovarman; dedicated to Lord Vishnu.  Everything about this temple is grand.  The massive sandstone platform, the height of this temple, the carvings on it will astonish you in every probable sense.

Sometimes you hear lot of stories about one particular destination and when you actually visit that place it turns out to be even more alluring than you had ever imagined.  Isn’t it? Same thing happened with me when I visited this temple in Khajuraho.  It is so captivating and a marvelous piece of an art which simply cannot be described in words.  This is the first temple that I came across from the western group of temples in Khajuraho and in the first glance itself I fell in complete love with its superb architecture.

Khajuraho_Laxamna temple_exterior

The visual delight started at the temple base only. The beautiful carvings made me go round and round this temple for multiple times. These carvings are unusual in a way that even small sculpture is so unique and emerges out from the stone wall to depict the story of life from that proliferate era.

Khajuraho_Laxma temple_battle

Though Khajuraho has been famous for its erotic sculptures; trust me there are thousands of different sculptures which are equally beautiful and deserve the great commendation those to the carver. The marching armies, battles, elephants, horses form a real picture of battles on the field where as when you see at  people dancing with joy, playing musical instruments you simply become a part of their celebrations.

Khajuraho_marching army

While encircling the temple one of the enchanting stop happens to be at the sculpture depicting famous 69 positions from Kamasutra, may be giving a proof that the very concept of book originated here. You would never imagine having such figures on any temple other than Khajuraho and may be that is one of the biggest reason why people are magnetized to this place and consider this as open educational constitution in a way. The figures of gods, goddesses and deities are simply exquisite and the victory of the artist lies in successfully carving various positions of these Sutras with an elegance and ease.

Khajuraho_laxaman temple_69 position

As you reach up to the entrance of main mandpa of this temple, you notice two heavenly beautiful ladies welcoming you inside the temple. One represents river Ganga while other represents river Yamuna. It is like taking a holy dip in these rivers purifying oneself from all the negativity and entering the temple with pure heart and soul.

Once you are inside the temple, you get dissolved into a completely different era. You notice Hindu Gods surrounded by beautiful Apsara’s.  One is looking in mirror; one is dancing while the third one is putting on Sindoor on her forehead.  The further you observe the carvings more interesting figures start appearing.  The lovely cuddly poses start telling you yes, this is the inspiration behind Kamasutra. In fact, the guide showed me one sculpture wherein the King is asking for herbal medicines to Rishi Muni. Now that’s pretty interesting!! Everything is so open here I wonder to myself.

Khajuraho_King seeking Rushi Muni

The best thing about this temple is that it’s captivating in its 360 degree angle right from inside to out. Only difference is that outer sculptures are much bigger in size compared to ones inside the temple.  Most of the carvings are of Lord Shiva, Parvati and the couples in poses which you would not imagine even in your wildest dreams. For a time being I felt that those people were much more advanced than 20th century generation. No boundaries to imagination and have depicted the love art intensely through those wonderful carvings!


Khajuraho_Beautiful Apsara

These figures represent the prolificacy and are considered to be auspicious. Every figure is dramatically different from other. You get to see the ecstatic figures in unison with the soul of respective partners expressing the deepest love towards each other.  There is no nonsense business other than “Expression of Love” which makes this temple one of the romantic temples of Khajuraho.



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  2. Khajuraho temple is one of the temple… When I saw this temple, I was happy to see it.

  3. Lakshmana Temple Kandariya Mahadeo Chitragupta Temple Varaha Temple Brahma Temple Chaturbhuj Temple Khajuraho! I was welcomed by a bright sunny day as I landed at ‘Khajuraho’ airport, a pleasant break from the cold foggy mornings of Delhi in December.

  4. Depicting idealized female beauty was important for temple architecture and considered auspicious, even protective. Texts written for temple builders describe different “types” of women to include within a temple’s sculptural program, and emphasize their roles as symbols of fertility, growth, and prosperity.

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