Maheshwar_Religious evening spent at the Varanasi of central India

After many days of rains what I miss in life is a Sunny day! Last night I was just going thru my trip photo album and I came across these beautiful pictures of sunset all the way from Maheshwar. I would say, these pictures enlightened my mood in a way in this bad monsoon and then, I simply decided to write about this lovely and pleasant place.

Apart from Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh (MP), I was more interested to see well known cities like Indore and Gwalior. These places are quite famous for their authentic food item; especially, Indore is a quite famous for its Classic “Khau Gali” (food lane) and sarafa bazaar which are open till late night. And honestly, when it comes to food and travel I make no compromise but maybe I was destined to be at different place at that time and eventually landed up in Maheshwar, a small town located 91 Kms away from Indore.

It was almost 5:00 pm when we friends touched Maheshwar. Though this town is very small one can notice progressive constructions all over it. Maheshwar is also known as “Varanasi of central India” and holds special importance in a list of religious places in India. It is situated on the bank of river Narmada with many important ancient landmarks embedded all over this tiny town. You notice many Hindu temples of different sizes and shapes around you. Glorious stone structures grab your immediate attention away from modern architecture. I believe more is the ancient city more is the charm of that place! The air in Maheshwar was taking me totally into the historic era, probably into a decade where Sanskrit was the primary mode of communication. As a tourist I could only admire the sense of being at that place.

And as a traveler my other sense was telling me to have “Tea”.  After crossing the border from Rajasthan to Madhya Pradesh all I wanted to have was my evening tea. We decided to head to any hotel or any “Chai Tapri” for that matter to stimulate our brain and body for more travel. But interestingly, this town was still groped in the heat of the Sun and we could hardly see any hotel around. You have very limited options of hotels, mainly because of the guest house system. But from our previous experience with MPTDC (Madhya Pradesh Tourism & Development cooperation) we deiced to go to Narmada Retreat resort which is situated on the bank of Narmada and exactly opposite of which lies the famous “Ahilya Fort” – the house of Holkar queen or more specifically “Rajmata” Ahilyadevi who ruled over Malwa Region. Currently this fort is in use as heritage hotel. By the way reviews have been quite good about this hotel too.

The view from Narmada Retreat was quite refreshing; river water was flowing very calmly and weather was absolutely pleasant. We ordered for tea with some snacks and then decided to stroll around the place. The sun was about to set and on the canvas of sky it had started displaying shades from golden to orange. Clouds were also floating by playing hide n seek game with Sun rays. Narmada River was also showcasing the beautiful and playful events of Sun in a riverbed.

Somewhere I feel we all are in search of peace may be knowingly or unknowingly. And for me this was the moment of relaxation. Small boats were moving slowly thru the water current and watching at them was really stress buster. You believe it or not, the effect of religious places is altogether different than any other place. (I meant “positive” here. :P)

 Some clicks of Sunset:


Sunset at Maheshwar

Sunset at Maheshwar

Sunset at Maheshwar

Sunset at Maheshwar


Sunset at Maheshwar



Sunset at Maheshwar

Other things to see and do at Maheshwar:

  • Maheshwar is considered as one of the religious places in India and temples are scattered everywhere; famous ones include Rajrajeshwar Mandir, Ram-Krishna Mandir, Chaturbhuj Narayan Mandir, Kashi Vishwanath Mandir.
  • Apart from these temples, one can visit “Ek mukhi Datta” temple also known as Shiva Datta Dham, which is spread in an area of 30 acres.
  • If you are very religious then must visit point is the temple of Goddess Vindhyavasini Bhavani, one of the 24Shaktipeeths of Goddess Parvati.
  • Many people cover Maheshwar on their way to Omkareshwar( famous for one the 12 Jyotirlinga’s in India). The distance between two places is around 70 Kms.
  • And yes shopping, how I can forget about famous colorful striped / check bordered Maheshwari Saris.

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  1. Can somebody send me pics of Vindhyavasini Bhawani Devi in Maheshwar. She is our family deity

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