Get some Haunted experience at Bhangarh fort ! _Truth behind the scene

The day had come when I was just few kilometers away from this Haunted place and my heart was pounding faster than time. I made sure that I reach this village during the sunrise as I did not wanted to take a chance of anything going wrong.

Rajasthan is well known for its grand forts, palaces and Royal lifestyle; however, it is equally famous for folk stories especially those of haunted places.  For a second, I was scared a bit at my thought of visiting “Bhangarh Fort” built in 17th century which was once upon a time a glorious town but now known for its ghostly stories.

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More I read about this place, I got more curious to visit this place – although was very nervous back in my head! All I was hoping that everything goes well and I will not indulge into any activity of testing the truth behind the ghost stories or any investigation that might result into something absurd. Okay, you can say that I am very namby-pamby person but when you find warning boards all over the fort about safety precautions, it definitely creates some imaginary world or more specifically “Haunted world” in your mind.

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I reached the village which has very less population, may be indicative of haunted place, but the next thought which came to my mind was if this place would have been that spooky, why would anyone choose to live in a vicinity of this Haunted Fort??

I decided to find the answer for this and stopped my car at Bhangarh village and innocently asked my queries to locals. Firstly, they gave weird look but then the expression which came out was “Kuch nahi hota yaha pe …na jane kyon aisa bolte hai” which means “nothing happens here and these are rumors”.  I was totally confused but I wanted to move ahead soon and finish my tour to this place before sunset.  Car crossed the border of village and Oh my god, what I saw in front of me? Beautiful yellow flowered fields stretched on both sides of the road reaching to the fort with numerous green trees and bushes covering he tall and wide fort walls.  The view was lovely and my anxiety vanished away in a minute.

All of a sudden, I started feeling positive about this place and I wondered why anyone would call this place as a Haunted one. May be the answer was inside the fort.  I entered the fort and came across much compartment type architecture which might be in use for living purpose or army stations; all were in ruined phase. And oh yes, I saw many monkeys wandering and playing all over the fort as if they owned this place.



Inside the main gate is the fort which is a kind of an abrupt multi layered structure surrounded by trees, Hindu temples and there is one small but lovely pond at one corner of the fort complex.  The story behind this haunted place goes like this:

There was one sadhu living on the hills nearby to the fort and he ordered the king that all houses or the fort structure should not be touching the boundaries of the place he had been living and even if the shadow of any such structure touches his house it would result into the destruction of the town as well as fort.  And when King built the 7th floor of the fort, the shadow of the monument touched the house of Sadhu which led to the destruction of the fort and the entire town.

The legend also says that there is another story behind this which revolves around one wizard who by hook or crook wanted the princess to fall in his love. By trick he offered a bowl of perfume to her which would do some magic and would make her fall in love with the wizard , however princess soon realized some hidden agenda behind it and threw away that bowl which ultimately fell on the nearby boulder causing it to roll and crush the wizard. (Very dramatic, I must say!) . However before he died, he cursed the destruction of Bhangarh. In subsequent years Mughals attacked this fort and all people including princess were killed, leaving behind very unfortunate story to share.

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Though there have been incidents noted for paranormal activity and archaeological department warns not to be in the premises of the fort before Sunrise and after Sunset; to be very honest, from no angle I found this place as the haunted one. Things which happened here might have been the part of the destiny and as of today, when I looked at the marvelous temples, the lawn and pond; this place appeared to be very romantic indeed.  I saw couples holding their hands and walking and admiring the beauty of this place, I saw people coming to visit this place as picnic spot so it left me wondering why would people call Bhangarh fort as one of the most haunted place in India?

Tourist practicalities:

Bhangarh fort is an off-beat destination, located in Alwar district of Rajasthan.

Nearest cities: Delhi (254 Kms), Jaipur (74 Kms)

Entry Fees : Free

Visit duration: 2-3 hrs (Sunrise to Sunset_ entry before and after is strictly prohibited)

No restaurants around so carry water and snacks to keep you charged

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  1. Thanks for sharing such information & taking out rumors from our mind about this place.

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