7 smart shopping tips while you are travelling

Buying gift items or indulging yourself in shopping while you are travelling can be a great challenge at times. You either have limited choices or too many choices to select from and of course the right budget is also important. Many times it happens that you are not at all prepared to buy anything but eventually when you see something attractive and that’s where you start recollecting your friends and family members and think to whom to gift that lovely shawl? Or may be pretty coral colored lipstick for your girlfriend or your little sissy!

Here are 7 classic smart shopping tips while travelling which will make your shopping experience much easy and pleasant on your next trip.

1) Think of your budget.
Though we plan trips with great details, many of us always tend to forget to take out that trivial amount of money for buying gifts for our loved ones. Shopping for yourself and buying gifts are two different things. So I would always suggest keeping separate budgets for this and when it is needed you can do some plus and minus calculations.

2) Plan it well before.
Also make sure, you add this point in your checklist while you are going for a trip so that you can also do a bit search on what are the good items before you visit your destination. Which are the famous markets around, what are the choices you have? Is there any market which offers same products at lesser prices. For example if you go to malls in Mumbai, India; you will find very expensive stuff but if you got to markets like ALFA market you get all international brand items at much cheaper rates without hampering on quality.

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3) Decide how you going to travel back to your place.
Shopping doesn’t end here. You need to be very careful of the item that you are going to select depending upon how you are travelling back. If you buying liquor and planning to travel by railways check if you need any permit. For example if you travelling from Goa by train and thinking of carrying those expensive liquor bottles across the other state then the first thing is to do is grab a license from the shop for carrying it all the way. Don’t put yourself into any situation where it will take away the entire charm of the trip you just had.

4) Avoid heavy items unless you are actually heading for it.
Don’t buy very heavy items if you travelling by flight or else be ready to pay those extra bugs for the load. Also, make sure you ask you flying Service Company about items allowed to carry from one country to other country. Interestingly you are not allowed to carry seeds of plants, or part of plants in some most of the countries. So drop that plan to gift those lucky bamboo shoot plant or else be ready with all procedures and forms to be filled.

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5) Pack light /keep breathing room in your bag.
After you have done bought your favorite items you will need space to lock them up in your bag. Do you have that extra room for new addition to your suitcase? So always carry and extra fold-able bags with you or else the favorite thing to do is pack light as much as possible. I myself hate to carry lot of stuff while I am travelling as like to keep myself free from baggage weight as if feel somewhere it really makes you tired and takes away your extra entry in holding those heavy bags. So be free as much as possible to move on to your next destination.

6) Go local.
There is a great joy in exploring local item in local market itself! The main thing you will find things much cheaper than any other shop, you meet with local people and it’s interesting to know how that particular jewelry item is made of or how beautiful pots are made. You connect with the things you buying and understand the efforts local artist behind the items they are making and you don’t feel guilty of buying something extra from them. Also you can check out sales/exhibition centers where you can find good gift items. I would recommend avoiding areas which are crowded or markets nearby attractions as they tend to expensive. Trust your instincts before you buy.


7) Buy only the thing which you have really liked.
Sometimes we just tend to shop for no reason while sometimes we are so confused which one to buy and end up spending extra than our budget. So better have check on your feelings and think before you buy. Is it really going to make you happy after buying it or is it even a worth of buying and gifting it to someone? Personally, I would suggest …If you have not liked that perfume but it’s in budget and you thinking it to gift someone please don’t buy it.


Lastly, enjoy the shopping as a part of travel. Visiting local market, exploring shops around will make you more experienced in terms of market globalization and will give you insights to culture of that very place and trust me it is one the best way to explore the place!!!

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