Lakshmana temple from Khajurao was built in 954AD by the seventh Chandella ruler– Yashovarman; dedicated to Lord Vishnu.  Everything about this temple is grand.  The massive sandstone platform, the height of this temple, the carvings on it will astonish you in every probable sense.

Sometimes you hear lot of stories about one particular destination and when you actually visit that place it turns out to be even more alluring than you had ever imagined.  Isn’t it? Same thing happened with me when I visited this temple in Khajuraho.  It is so captivating and a marvelous piece of an art which simply cannot be described in words.  This is the first temple that I came across from the western group of temples in Khajuraho and in the first glance itself I fell in complete love with its superb architecture.

Khajuraho_Laxamna temple_exterior

The visual delight started at the temple base only. The beautiful carvings made me go round and round this temple for multiple times. These carvings are unusual in a way that even small sculpture is so unique and emerges out from the stone wall to depict the story of life from that proliferate era. Continue reading